Andrew Sharman on 04/24/2018

The Frontier Psychologist

How can we revitalise employee motivation and interest in workplace safety? Andrew Sharman believes his new research shows the way forward

Brian Darlington on 04/24/2018

More lessons from the military

In the last issue we discussed the fact that, just as in the military, good leadership in business is important to ensure that employees and contractors return home safely at the end of each day. In both cases it is the leaders who are responsible for the safety of their teams

Gavin Myers on 04/24/2018

Traveling, safely...

Business travellers worldwide are becoming more astute to possible health and safety risks when abroad, and, happily, this is happening at a rapidly increasing rate

Hope Mugagga on 03/09/2018

Build a resilient organisation

The governance, risk and control crises impacting on several companies on our shores and globally cannot go unnoticed. We take a look at how organisations can be resilient amongst all the turmoil threatening their existence

Albert Mushai on 03/09/2018

Theory of Externalities and workmen’s compensation

What are the proper roles of labour, the private sector and government in the provision and operation of workmen’s compensation? The economic theory of externalities provides an excellent framework to answer these and other questions relating to workmen’s compensation

Andrew Sharman on 03/07/2018

The Happiness Advantage

In many instances safety articles are aimed at the safety professionals. However, it is important for leaders to take responsibility for the safety of their teams when driving for desired safety cultures and maturity levels

Brian Darlington on 03/07/2018

Taking a lesson from the military

In many instances safety articles are aimed at the safety professionals. However, it is important for leaders to take responsibility for the safety of their teams when driving for desired safety cultures and maturity levels

Gavin Myers on 12/01/2017

Zero concern, maximum harm

“Zero harm”. You read about the concept in just about every issue of SHEQ MANAGEMENT. Can the concept be applied to South Africa’s current leadership conundrum?

Brian Darlington on 12/01/2017

As sweet as honey

Making safety the easy choice means making it as easy as possible for employees to follow the correct procedures - and giving greater consideration to the risk than the reward

Andrew Sharman on 11/30/2017

You’re gonna need a bigger boat

It’s been more than 40 years since the movie Jaws scared us all out of the water. yet there is much that movie can teach us about organisational culture and the work of the safety practitioner

Sanjay Munnoo on 11/30/2017

Year in review

While the Saiosh brand has remained resilient, 2017 has been a year of volatility with a number of challenges raised by economic, political and social forces. Here are some highlights from Saiosh for the year

Brett Solomon on 11/30/2017

Has safety become a waste of time?

Was there a toolbox talk? Yes, tick. Was there a time allocated to safety? Yes, tick. Did it make any difference? Absolutely not! So, if we are honest, how much that is done in the name of safety is a waste of time?

Albert Mushai on 11/30/2017

Case dismissed

What happens when an occupational accident and disease claim against an employer is dismissed?

Hope Mugagga on 11/30/2017

Underestimate reputational risk at your own cost

KPMG South Africa is making the news for all the wrong reasons... The question supposedly being asked by the risk fraternity and the industry at large is how an assurance provider of the stature of KPMG got it so wrong

Gavin Myers on 10/06/2017

Risky business

If we can practise risk management in the boardroom, why can’t we do it on the road?

Brett Solomon on 10/06/2017

The missing ingredient to the carrot and stick

Inculcating a safety culture is generally done in two ways. The first is to reward appropriate safe behaviours. The second is to discipline any transgressions. While these methods seem logical and fair, are they effective?

Brian Darlington on 10/06/2017

Not having to flip that switch

Bridging the safety-mindset gap between home and work is a challenge that leaders and safety professionals face each and every day

Andrew Sharman on 10/06/2017

The power of subtle persuasion

Great safety cultures are underpinned by the same forces that make us crave that shiny new car, that classy new watch, or those cool threads. There’s a simple, cost-free, three-step method for creating safe behaviour in your workplace right now