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Alleviating the skills deficit in African energy

Being rich in natural resources for power generation and demonstrating an increased interest in low-carbon technologies, battery storage, distributed generation solutions and integrated grids, Africa’s energy space is experiencing a progressive evolution.

Sheq Management on ٠٢/٢٠/٢٠١٩

Merit rebates prove effective for FEM members

Every year, the the Federated Employees’ Mutual Assurance Company (FEM) awards merit rebates to those of its 5 000 members with a favourable track record of upholding good health and safety standards for their employees.

Sheq Management on ١٠/٢٤/٢٠١٨

Elevating safety solutions in work at height

On August 27, Gravity Training, in conjunction with Cairnmead, hosted the work-at-height safety workshop at the Gravity Training venue. The event was noteworthy in that it brought together some of the key role-players in the construction and telecoms industries, and highlighted shared concerns, demands, requirements and significance of work-at-height safety needs across various industries.

Sheq Management on ١٠/٢٤/٢٠١٨

A liquid-nitrogen solution to prevent agriculture loss

Dearman, a technology company delivering zero-emission, clean cooling and power solutions, has launched a new project aimed at reducing wasted harvests in South Africa. The project is backed by grant funds from the Department for International Development.

Sheq Management on ١٠/٢٤/٢٠١٨

Porsche drops diesel, gears up for electric future

Having risen in prominence during the last decade for its low fuel consumption and generally low emissions, the diesel engine made its way into just about every class of vehicle on the road – even into those from sports-car manufacturer, Porsche.

Sheq Management on ١٠/٢٤/٢٠١٨

What went wrong at Grenfell?

While a number of fires in the Gauteng region have held the headlines over the past few months, the inquiry into the Grenfell Tower tragedy – which occurred on June 14 in West London, United Kingdom (UK) – has been concluded.

SHEQ Management on ٠٦/٢٢/٢٠١٨

Harvesting icebergs to save the Mother City

Harvesting icebergs was one of the solutions offered to assist with the water shortages in Cape Town. At the African Utility Week Conference, held in the Mother City in May, Peter Flower, director of water and sanitation in the City of Cape Town, told delegates that the City still needs to reduce water consumption (to 450-million litres per day) to keep Day Zero at bay. With the current usage (of 500-million litres per day) the situation remains dire.

SHEQ Management on ٠٦/٢٢/٢٠١٨

Maximum production, minimal injuries

Production output in the mining industry is predicated on the smooth functioning of machines, processes and people. Back-to-back shifts are needed to realise full production potential – but it only takes one incident to jeopardise the entire system.

SHEQ Management on ٠٤/٢٤/٢٠١٨

Magic eight for A-OSH

For eight years the annual A-OSH Expo has provided a platform for knowledge exchange and relationship building, as well as for the sharing of information on the latest thinking, products, trends and legislation within the occupational health and safety (OHS) sphere.

SHEQ Management on ٠٤/٢٤/٢٠١٨

VW gasses out coal

Did you know that the Volkswagen Group owns a power plant at each of its two production plants in Wolfsburg, Germany? They provide most of the power consumed at these plants – as well as five others in Germany – and generate heat for the plants and the city of Wolfsburg

SHEQ Management on ٠٤/٢٤/٢٠١٨

Water and oil do not mix

According to the Recycling Oil Saves the Environment (ROSE) Foundation, used oil contains harmful compounds and carcinogens that can easily contaminate the environment, especially if thrown down drains, into landfills, or onto the ground where it leaches into the water table.

SHEQ Management on ٠٣/٠٧/٢٠١٨

Self-service bulk ATM to eliminate paperwork and reconciliation

Cash Connect has officially launched the bulk deposit acceptor (BDA) device. The compact under-counter cash deposit system allows bulk note and coin deposits to be processed quickly and easily. The device has been tested countrywide and is now live.

SHEQ Management on ٠٣/٠٧/٢٠١٨

Sanitech increases pest control services

In October 2017, Pristine Health Services sold its Gauteng-based hygiene and pest-control services to Sanitech. The purchase has given Sanitech greater presence in the pest-control market, and the company is now able to offer an additional service to its current clients.

SHEQ Management on ١٢/٠١/٢٠١٧

Robben Island converts to solar energy

Robben Island has an energy-usage profile that comprises residential needs, desalination, the harbour and offices. In total, the island uses almost two million kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity annually. Up to half of this requirement will now be fulfilled by the installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) project.

SHEQ Management on ١٢/٠١/٢٠١٧

Safely lockout pipes

Brady Corporation offers a new pipe blind lockout solution that can be applied to the widest range of pipes. By easily and temporarily locking pipe blinds in place, companies can improve safety by preventing the release of gas, steam and hazardous liquids during ongoing pipe maintenance.

SHEQ Management on ١٢/٠١/٢٠١٧

Bureau Veritas brings food testing to the Cape

Bureau Veritas recently unveiled its technologically innovative, state-of-the-art microbiological laboratory in Cape Town. Designed and engineered to focus primarily on the fast-growing food and agricultural sectors in the Western Cape, the M&L Laboratory is an extension of the company’s Johannesburg laboratory.

SHEQ Management on ١٢/٠١/٢٠١٧

Uvex sponsors special learner

Uvex South Africa and the Rainer Winter Foundation are making a difference in the lives of two hearing-impaired children at the Eduplex School in Pretoria.

Mariska Morris on ١١/٢٨/٢٠١٧

Food transport whipped into shape

Maintaining the quality of products is essential in the transportation of food, especially with the introduction of the new Notice R364 draft regulation. MARISKA MORRIS reports

SHEQ Management on ١٠/٠٦/٢٠١٧

Boosting community health

Non-profit company Unjani Clinics has been given a boost thanks to some new advanced refrigerators, which do not rely on electricity, to ensure that medicines and vaccines are properly stored and their efficacy maintained.

SHEQ Management on ١٠/٠٦/٢٠١٧

Losing no water in the wash

A Cape Town-based company is doing its bit to help with the harsh reality of drought and water restrictions. On October 1 it launched a laundry washing process that does not make use of municipal water supply.

SHEQ Management on ١٠/٠٦/٢٠١٧

Safety assistance system warns of dirty bombs

The threat of terrorism in Europe has been on the rise in recent years, with experts, politicians and security agencies particularly worried that terrorists might make use of “dirty bombs”, where radioactive material is mixed into conventional explosives so that it is scattered by a subsequent explosion.

SHEQ Management on ٠٨/٠٨/٢٠١٧

A+A = everything health and safety, under one roof!

Trade visitors from all over the world will meet for the A+A International Trade Fair and Congress in Düsseldorf, Germany, between October 17 and 20. SHEQ Management visited the fair in 2015 and, if that show was anything to go by, we expect A+A 2017 to be even bigger and better.

SHEQ Management on ٠٣/٢٩/٢٠١٧

Measuring personal noise exposure made easier

Cirrus Research and Runrite Electronics are introducing the new doseBadge5 Noise Dosimeter to the South African market. It is sold exclusively by Runrite and has been developed from the popular doseBadge Noise Dosimeter, of which over 20 000 units have been sold worldwide.