Between a rock and a hard hat

Mistakes are often made when choosing safety helmets and their attachments. SHEQ MANAGEMENT takes a look at what to consider when purchasing safety helmets for specific applications.

The road to plastic recycling

The world has a plastic problem. Fact. However, a novel initiative is, quite literally, on the road to overcoming the problem

Safe disposal of unused pharmaceuticals

Globally there are concerns over the lack of proper disposal methods for medical waste - particularly unused and expired pharmaceuticals - most of which are disposed of incorrectly, posing a health hazard for humans and the environment.

Beware changes to the OHS Act

The eighth Saiosh conference took place alongside the A-OSH Expo in May. Billed as the largest occupational health and safety (OHS) conference in Africa, it attracted some of the industry’s brightest thought leaders.

Saiosh at A-OSH 2018

A-OSH Expo 2018 proved to be particularly successful for Saiosh.

Silicosis litigation - the settlement

With an out-of-court settlement taking place recently, the time is right to resolve the question of compensation for occupational diseases.

Harvesting icebergs to save the Mother City

Harvesting icebergs was one of the solutions offered to assist with the water shortages in Cape Town. At the African Utility Week Conference, held in the Mother City in May, Peter Flower, director of water and sanitation in the City of Cape Town, told delegates that the City still needs to reduce water consumption (to 450-million litres per day) to keep Day Zero at bay. With the current usage (of 500-million litres per day) the situation remains dire.

Maximum production, minimal injuries

Production output in the mining industry is predicated on the smooth functioning of machines, processes and people. Back-to-back shifts are needed to realise full production potential – but it only takes one incident to jeopardise the entire system.

Magic eight for A-OSH

For eight years the annual A-OSH Expo has provided a platform for knowledge exchange and relationship building, as well as for the sharing of information on the latest thinking, products, trends and legislation within the occupational health and safety (OHS) sphere.