Sheq Mag

Keeping danger in eye sight

Protective eyewear ranges from simple, impact-resistant safety glasses to ultraviolet (UV) or chemical-resistant eye protection. It is, therefore, important to use the correct eyewear for the application

Gold in your rubbish

While the word gold conjures up images of shiny jewellery and stacked gold bars, gold is also used in the manufacture of many electronic goods, which can be recycled for cash.

Efficient air purification reduces risk

Dust collection is integral to reducing risk and providing a safe and clean working environment in many industries. SHEQ MANAGEMENT discusses some of the options available.

Be here, now

On a trip to Zimbabwe, I discovered the secret to exemplary safety performance and the key to a happier, healthier and more meaningful life.

A year in review

Saiosh experienced phenomenal growth in 2018 with the implementation of exciting projects and initiatives to improve its benefits for members.

Product recall and liability of manufacturers in class-action lawsuits

With the Tiger Brands listeriosis outbreak still fresh in our minds and now the centre of a class-action lawsuit, it’s pertinent to study a remarkably similar event that occurred in Canada a decade earlier.

Alleviating the skills deficit in African energy

Being rich in natural resources for power generation and demonstrating an increased interest in low-carbon technologies, battery storage, distributed generation solutions and integrated grids, Africa’s energy space is experiencing a progressive evolution.

Merit rebates prove effective for FEM members

Every year, the the Federated Employees’ Mutual Assurance Company (FEM) awards merit rebates to those of its 5 000 members with a favourable track record of upholding good health and safety standards for their employees.

Elevating safety solutions in work at height

On August 27, Gravity Training, in conjunction with Cairnmead, hosted the work-at-height safety workshop at the Gravity Training venue. The event was noteworthy in that it brought together some of the key role-players in the construction and telecoms industries, and highlighted shared concerns, demands, requirements and significance of work-at-height safety needs across various industries.