Retail fashion or protective wear

Sweet-Orr, the well-known South African manufacturer of protective clothing, now has a showroom in Johannesburg! CHARLEEN CLARKE attended the official opening.

Handy advice for hand protection

Hand injuries are among the most common injuries in the workplace. We find out what factors should be considered in creating a hand-safety programme

The science of accident reconstruction

We look into the use of software as a risk-management and accident-reconstruction tool

The Economic Impact of Health and Safety

Employee health and safety in the workplace must remain a top priority.

Exploring the revised ISO 19011:2018

The new standard places emphasis on risks, opportunities and auditor competence.

Resolution of the silicosis class action

Litigation is not an efficient way of dealing with the matter of occupational disease.

Harvesting icebergs to save the Mother City

Harvesting icebergs was one of the solutions offered to assist with the water shortages in Cape Town. At the African Utility Week Conference, held in the Mother City in May, Peter Flower, director of water and sanitation in the City of Cape Town, told delegates that the City still needs to reduce water consumption (to 450-million litres per day) to keep Day Zero at bay. With the current usage (of 500-million litres per day) the situation remains dire.

Maximum production, minimal injuries

Production output in the mining industry is predicated on the smooth functioning of machines, processes and people. Back-to-back shifts are needed to realise full production potential – but it only takes one incident to jeopardise the entire system.

Magic eight for A-OSH

For eight years the annual A-OSH Expo has provided a platform for knowledge exchange and relationship building, as well as for the sharing of information on the latest thinking, products, trends and legislation within the occupational health and safety (OHS) sphere.